Gary Sankary
2 min readFeb 23, 2022


Justice and Reality- A Rant

Last week I really thought that there we were going to see the a former president of the United States be compelled to testify, under oath, to a Grand Jury, about illegal activities in business dealings.

And today, we learn today that the two lead DA’s in the case have resigned.

Folks, there’s an excellent chance that the Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg will drop the case against the Trump Organization. Mostly likely he will cite lack of evidence.

This leaves those of us on the outside looking in with two logical courses of thought on this matter.

  1. There really isn’t any evidence that the Trump organization played around with real estate valuations to get favorable tax bills and loan covenants. That this whole thing is a nothing burger that was brought on by an angry New York Attorneys General, Letitia James. This would suggest that she’s a political operative and not a credible officer of the court in New York State.

    Well not be the bearer of bad news, sadly she is a political activist and as much as I fear for the future of our country and believe that Trump and his supporters are hell bent on destroying democracy, putting my kids lives and futures at risk.. I do err towards justice. If the facts are there, you can not convict.
  2. The other thought, someone “got” to Alvin Bragg and the two DA’s who resigned this week as part of a conspiracy to break down the case against the Trump Organization by eliminating key players in prosecution.
    Personally I hate conspiracy theories, I’m a firm believer in the majesty of Occam’s razor. The simple solution is almost always the real one.

Sadly in this case, it appears that option #1 is the simplest solution here.

So as a champion of justice, which I wish we all aspired to be, what really makes me angry is that for all the time, money and energy put into building a case against the Trump Organization, only to watch it go up in smoke.

This now makes me wonder about removal of classified documents from the White House when the Trumps moved out. That’s a felony, done deal. That case feels pretty open and shut. And yet.. I have to wonder what Merrick Garland is doing and where the indictments are.

Hell where are the indictments against the people who are on record instigation a violent coup in the sacred halls of our democracy, the Capital Building.

This is a developing story, and I hope I’m wrong. But at the moment it really feels like another opportunity to save our democracy has evaporated.



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